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The Dev Concepts Collection

A reference guide for your whole career in IT
Dev Concepts Volume 1: Software craft. A book about software craftsmanship and productivity.
Volume 1
Software craft
Explains the skills you need to acquire and improve to solve real-world problems. Find out how to shape your mentality towards software development for maximum productivity.
Explore skills developers need to acquire
How to become a software crafter
Explore IT career paths
Dev Concepts Volume 2: What clients need. A book about user experience and jobs to be done.
Volume 2
What clients need
If you can manage clients effectively, you’ll be in hot demand. Learn how to understand a client’s functional needs, and how you can decode their end-user goals. Make sure your software is always solving the right problems.
Understand User Experience (UX)
Uncover Jobs-To-Be-Done
Create delightful products
Dev Concepts Volume 3: Architecture. A book about IT and software architecture.
Volume 3
To avoid time-consuming disasters in project planning and execution, you need a good understanding of key concepts in IT & software architecture. Use this volume to learn how to devise simple but brilliant solutions to complex problems.
Guided tour of software architecture
Key software architecture patterns
Explore data architecture
Dev Concepts Volume 4: Software design. A book about software design, design principles and design patterns.
Volume 4
Software design
Dive into the details of software design so you can avoid costly mistakes and ongoing issues. You’ll use these key concepts in your daily life to speed up your workflow and keep your mental health stable.
Solid overview of software design
Explore design principles
Learn key design patterns
Dev Concepts Volume 5: Computer architecture and OS basics. A book about computer architecture and operating systems.
Volume 5
Computer architecture and OS basics
An introduction to how computers and Operating Systems (OSes) work. Discover what CPUs, memory, file systems, files, processes, scheduling, and more, are all about.
Understand how computers work
Learn about operating systems
Boost your productivity as a developer
Dev Concepts Volume 6: Coding basics. A book about the basics of programming and essential development concepts.
Volume 6
Coding basics
Get a clear overview of the coding concepts that you will use in almost every piece of software you touch. Fundamentals, while they sound boring, can save you hundreds of hours debugging or finding workarounds.
Get started with programming
Learn core programming concepts
Understand programming paradigms
Dev Concepts Volume 7: Best practices. A book full of best practices to create rock-solid software.
Volume 7
Best practices
A rock-solid understanding of what truly needs to get done to keep everything running smoothly. Learn how to write world-class code, discover source code management workflows and how to manage applications in production like a professional.
Learn all the best practices
How to write great quality code
Source code management workflows
Dev Concepts Volume 8: Back-end development. A book about back-end software development concepts.
Volume 8
Back-end development
Know exactly what happens in back-end development, how the layers and responsibilities fit together, security and performance concerns, and how to craft software that can scale.
Explore back-end development concerns
How to create scalable solutions
How to architect back-end systems
Dev Concepts Volume 9: Front-end development. A book about front-end software development concepts.
Volume 9
Front-end development
Understand the basics of front-end development, how their projects operate, components, UI design, and web design. Introduces you to HTML & CSS basics for the creation of web apps and mobile apps.
Explore front-end development specificities
Learn HTML and CSS
How to architect front-end systems
Dev Concepts Volume 10: IT Infrastructure. A book about IT infrastructure, cloud computing and reliability.
Volume 10
IT Infrastructure
Having a good understanding of where our applications are hosted, how the environment is configured, secured, monitored, etc is super valuable and makes the difference between someone who “just” writes code and someone who contributes to developing end-to-end solutions.
IT Infrastructure overview
Introduction to cloud computing
Understand DevOps
Dev Concepts Volume 11: Security. A book about IT security and secure coding.
Volume 11
20 years ago, things were less complicated, but now, if an insecure system goes online for just a few seconds; it can get hacked. Learn about the most important IT security concepts and make sure you understand enough to cover the basics in any system you work on.
Overview of security concepts
Secure coding and DevSecOps
Cryptography and secure communications
Dev Concepts Volume 12: Project management and development approaches. A book about project management, leadership, product management and DevSecOps.
Volume 12
Project management and development approaches
Get the skills you need to lead projects, teams, and manage products. Explore product management, discover how to maintain a product backlog. Discover modern project management and how to become a great team leader.
Master product and project management
Become a great team leader
Help your team succeed
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