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Teach me how to code
Your guide to the fundamentals of software development

A 12-volume collection of digital books that supports junior software developers in building an exceptional career.

Get a complete understanding of how every concept in software engineering fits together.

What happens when someone realizes that you're out of your depth?

Your only option is to ask for help and:
  1. Sit blank-eyed, not understanding how their complex solution works
  2. "Get it" after annoying them with multiple questions

Either way, every day you log off with your brain completely fried.

Fact is, it's exhausting and demotivating trying to understand what you just don't know. You wind up feeling plain dumb with a growing mindset that it's just impossible

But if it's impossible, how did others do it? What do they have that you don't?

The mentorship you need to build a solid foundation, lead a better professional life, and show your true value

Software development challenges you to constantly learn and grow. You're not some basic coder who churns out line after line of boring code.

Developing software demands nothing less than craftsmanship.

A lot of domain knowledge exists solely in your senior's head. You need someone to pass down the golden nuggets of experience acquired through countless hours of trial and error.

The definition of craftsmanship:

  • Skill in planning, making, or executing
  • Make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity

Find out what deserves your concentration with the Dev Concepts Collection

Know that you're choosing the best solution even when there are countless approaches.
Understand the entire development process so you don't make project-destroying mistakes.
Level up your game so team members, clients, and managers listen to your ideas.
Set yourself up for high-paying positions with a rock-solid grasp of all the moving parts and how they connect.

Save days of endless articles and how-to guides with Slack mentorship

You wouldn't expect an electrical engineer to walk into their role without a senior craftsman to guide them. You deserve access to the guidance of experienced mentors.

Experienced developers will answer your questions directly.
Get career guidance for practical problem solving and soft skills.
Engage with the community to build friendships and connections with like-minded developers.

Know what’s happening at every step. Proceed with confidence.

Instead of trying to collect information from multiple sources and online ‘gurus’, get the correct info the first time around. This collection is your single source roadmap to software development and IT.

Avoid the trap of misinformation and confidently rely on the knowledge you learn.

Learn about concepts, abstractions, create solid mental models then keep exploring the hundreds of provided resources to fill your knowledge gaps.

“I love this job, I’m doing exactly what I want, my coworkers are smart and helpful, the pay is good, and the work-life balance is fantastic”

Yes, it’s possible for you to enjoy a great job, and great life. The skills you need can be learned.

Here’s what the Dev Concepts Collection will help you achieve.

Get your first job offers

Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve been hunting for months. Wherever you are , the Dev Concepts collection will give you the skills you need to put you ahead of other applicants.

Land your dream position

Being a good developer isn’t just about skill, it’s also about passion and experience. Use a strong foundation to build software that delights end users.

Start the path to a senior position

Startup culture often means that you’re thrown out of your depth with no one to guide you in best practices. Dev Concepts puts you on the right path.

Frequently asked questions

I’m unmotivated and frustrated because of a lack of progress — not laziness. Is this going to fix that?A book isn’t going to magically fix your career, but it will give you the mindset you need to succeed in software development.
I don’t have time to read an entire book... let alone a collection! Can I still learn something here?Yes! While it’s recommended that you do a quick read-through, the volumes and chapters are designed to stand alone. Every time you face a particular problem, you can do a quick search and find the chapter that will help you the fastest. Plus each section includes external links and resources that you will help you dive much deeper into the subject matter.
Will this collection teach me the technical side of engineering?Dev Concept includes many practical examples and code snippets, but it isn't a replacement for hands-on training. Most of the concepts are presented in isolation to facilitate comprehension.
How does the Slack group work?The Slack community is where you can send questions about all aspects of software engineering and IT. Your questions will always be answered by a senior engineer. You can ask questions about technical issues, conceptual ones, or even about how to deal with work challenges. We’re a friendly community that’s excited to welcome you!
What if I don’t like the collection? How does the money-back guarantee work?If you're not satisfied with the content, then contact me within 14 days and you'll get a full refund. The only thing I'll ask is to understand what did not meet your expectations.
Why are only some of the volumes available right now?Dev Concepts is a huge project. I will release a new volume every few months. If you purchase the lifetime plan, you will get immediate access as soon as it’s published. In addition, the content will be updated regularly to remain relevant and up to date.
I don’t understand what’s in each volumeCheck out the description of each volume, and the full chapter breakdown for each volume. You can also free samples volume 1 here.
I’m not so sure about the standard edition... Can I buy just a single volume instead?You can buy each volume separately. That being said, I recommend the Lifetime Collection Bundle to save €75.
I can't afford to buy this...Contact me through Twitter or by mail, and we'll figure something out.
I want to buy Dev Concepts for a group at workNo problem! You just need to buy a group license. Contact me through Twitter or by mail for more information.
Going from studying to the actual real-world environment? Switching to a different role? No problem.