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Week 44 progress

Sébastien Dubois /

2 min read

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great week!

I've just realized that I completely forgot publishing my weekly status update. Shame on me! But I have a good excuse; my son is born last friday! ;-)


This week I received the new copy for the landing page from Claire, and I'm really psyched. It's a gazillion times better than what I had before.

I decided to start working on the new version of the site right away. I started by upgrading to Gatsby v3, and I wasted a whole evening on it. Major upgrades of Gatsby are really painful. This time around, they've completely changed their approach to images, and some plugins have made breaking changes (e.g., sitemaps). Combined with Webpack migration issues, I wasted hours and hours.

After quite a lot of trouble, I managed to get things working, but ended up deciding to ditch Gatsby once and for all. I've been really happy with Next.js for the last few months (which I used for my blog), so I just started over from scratch with Nrwl NX, and it was much more efficient than continuing to fiddle with useless complications.

Then my son was born and I had to take care of more pressing issues ;-)

This morning, I've started implementing the new layout and landing page blocks, but I'm not done yet.

Marketing & Sales

As soon as the new landing page is online, I'll first observe the impact on sales before launching new promotion campaigns (I prefer to change one thing at a time).

This past week, there were ~26 visitors on the landing page. The main sources were: Twitter, Medium, my blog, and

No new sales this week.

What's next

I don't expect to be able to actually write this week or the next. I want to be present for my son as much as I possibly can for his first days in the family.

That being said, I will continue working the new landing page; a few hours here and there.

Have a great week!

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