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Week 42 progress

Dubois Sébastien

Sébastien Dubois /

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Hello everyone!

I don't want to ghost you this week, so I'm here, as usual.

Unfortunately, things haven't improved as I hoped this week. My wife is still in the hospital, and the doctors might induce childbirth next week. In practice, it means that I'm home alone with the kids. It's pretty exhausting to take care of everything and to drive back and forth between the hospital and home.


I didn't get to write this week. But don't worry, I'm not letting go of Dev Concepts; on the contrary. I continue filling the ideas backlog with interesting things to cover in the series (, and will get back to writing as soon as I possibly can.

One thing I did this week is switching from Google Analytics to Plausible ( in the hope to better respect user privacy.

Marketing & Sales

I've met Claire this week to discuss her progress with copywriting. She condensed her findings in a document, exploring the way different developers express their challenges.

This was very interesting and made me realize that one of my biggest mistakes with the project so far has been to have an unclear target. In my mind, Dev Concepts was going to be for everyone, but in reality, I need to narrow my focus down, at least for the marketing copy. For it, we will most probably focus way more on junior developers that feel overwhelmed by the complexity of IT. It doesn't mean that the content will be any less valuable for senior developers though.

This past week, there were ~45 visitors on the landing page.

No new sales this week.

What's next

I don't want to make empty promises for next week. It will most probably be as complicated for me as this one. We'll see how things go.

Have a great week!

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