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Week 38 progress

Dubois Sébastien

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Hello there!

It's Sunday already! Weeks pass by crazy fast. My 3rd child will be born in ~3 months and I'm soooo not ready yet. We still have tons to prepare ;-)

This week I've completed the section about message queues, and covered the basics as well as the pros and cons. I really wanted to cover EDA/ES and message queues first because they're often not known/misunderstood/overlooked by juniors. Hopefully, more people will get to learn about those, and will understand when those are relevant and beneficial for their projects!

I took the opportunity to share a Twitter thread about messages queues:

After that, I started writing the section about Web services, which will cover RESTful Web Services, GraphQL, WebSockets, and Server-Sent Events. For the part about REST, I'll reuse the content I wrote for my previous book, as it clearly explains the most important elements of REST, as well as the difference between REST and RESTful approaches.

I've also published a third article taken from Dev Concepts volume 1:

Recently, I've decided to publish most of my past articles on my blog ( At this point, I'm done with the bulk of the work (~100 articles are available), but there are still a number of older articles that I need to recover from my WordPress database.

Finally, I've continued reading articles about copywriting, and continued working on the new copy for Dev Concepts. Hopefully, this time the benefits will be more obvious for the people who visit the landing page. I haven't heard back from the designer yet, but I still hope to revisit the landing page with her sometime in August.

This week, there were ~54 visitors on the landing page.

Next week, I'll focus on finishing the section about Web services first. Then, I'll continue working on the copywriting aspect.

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