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Week 34 progress

Dubois Sébastien

Sébastien Dubois /

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Hello there!

This week has been a trainwreck for the project. I was alone with the kids and I couldn't dedicate much time to the project. But it was a blast actually. It's super important for me to stay present, and available for my children. Sorry everyone if I let you down, but they'll always be my favourite 😊

What I did do today is work on a document that will serve as the basis for explaining what you can get out of Dev Concepts. In that document, I've listed the main benefits of the series. For each benefit, I've explained the purpose, given a clear description, stated why I'm in a good position to write things on the subject as well as the practical and emotional benefits for readers. Basically, this document is going to serve as the input for the next version of my landing page. You can find the document here: Feel free to add comments if you have questions, remarks or ideas.

As you know if you've been following the project, the marketing and sales aspect is really what I have the least practical experience and the most difficulties with. Thankfully, I've started exchanging ideas with another Indie Hacker, who has given me some pointers about how to move forward in the right direction. For instance, I really urgently need to get rid of the multiple landing pages (main Website + separate Gumroad pages); those are hurting the project and reducing the conversion rate. Also, I need to take some time to think about my marketing funnel; I realize that I have put enough thought into it so far.

Hopefully, these efforts, combined with the upcoming redesign of the landing page (which I've started discussing with a Web designer) will help the project to get more recognition.

There were only ~18 visits on the landing page this week. Nothing new here, but it's normal. I don't expect things to change until I fix issues with the landing page and its contents.

Next week, I intend to keep working on the copywriting a bit more, but I'll also continue working on the architecture volume.

That's it for today! Have a great week, and keep learning! :)

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