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Week 32 progress

Sébastien Dubois / June 27, 2021

2 min read

Hello there!

This week, I've written the section about Event Sourcing. It feels to me like not enough people in the world know about this type of architecture, and don't give it enough credit.

I initially planned to write two pages about that subject, but as usual, I wrote a bit more. That section ended up being six pages long (excluding images). Hopefully, my efforts will help demystify Event Sourcing, and a new generation of developers will give it a go ;-)

There were ~60 visits on the landing page this week, but still no new sale. The conversion rate is still around 0.0x%. I'm not losing hope though. I think that once I deliver a few more volumes of the series, numbers will start going up.

Feedback that I've received this week through IndieHackers is that the buying process is confusing, and I fully agree. I clearly need to fix that. This week, I've contacted a designer, who'll help me revamp the landing page in the coming weeks. This should eliminate the confusion between the landing page and the Gumroad product pages. I realize that having those made things needlessly complicated.

Next week, I'll write about Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and related patterns; Message Queues, SOA, ESB, etc. I will try to keep that part limited in size, as there are not subjects that I want to cover extensively. That section will conclude the part about Software Architecture. After that, I'll start writing about Information & Data Architecture, which is a huge topic.

That's it for today! Have a great week, and keep learning! :)


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