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Week 31 progress

Dubois Sébastien

Sébastien Dubois /

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Hello everyone!

This week, I completed the section about Event-Driven Architectures (EDA). It's an architectural style that I'm very fond of. It has many pros, but as I've explained in Dev Concepts, it's no free lunch, as it introduces a ton of additional complexity. I ended up writing ten pages about this subject. Of course, EDA deserves a lot more space, but this is a solid introduction already.

On the occasion of my 38th birthday, I also tried launching a -38% promotion for Dev Concepts, but it failed miserably, no one cared. It's tough for morale. The fundamental problem I face is still the same; not enough eyeballs end up looking at my content so far. There were ~28 visits on the landing page last week, so still really really low. I've identified two main factors to explain this situation.

My audience is way too small (~1K at this point on Twitter and ~100 on my newsletter), and the landing page & sales page do not convert. I've received some feedback confirming this on IH:

I'm still reluctant for some reason, but I really need to hire a designer to help me fix the landing page, visuals, and improve conversion rates. But first I need to find the right person to help me out... Meanwhile, I've tried to condense the Gumroad pages to make them less intimidating. I've also change my cover image on Twitter to include the URL of the landing page, but I'm not sure it helps a lot.

Next week, I'll be writing about Event Sourcing (ES), another cool subject that is often misunderstood. There's still quite a lot of work to do for this volume, but it's going to be great! Here's what's left:

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