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Week 20 progress

Sébastien Dubois / April 04, 2021

2 min read

Hey there!

Great news this week, I sold a copy of the first tome. It's not earth-shattering, but validation feels good!

I didn't work a lot on Dev Concepts this week. I've been feeling down. Instead, I decided to publish two new articles on my blog.

I also spent a bit more time interacting on Twitter, which actually led to the first sale of the Software Craft tome.

For next week I have two options in front of me. Either continue to make progress on the architecture tome or proofread tome 2 so that I can publish it.

I feel like publishing tome 2 is more relevant right now, as it'll help me go further with validation. I also hope that it will convince more people that this project is real and that the content is coming along well.

Also, once done I'll be able to modify the landing page's countdown to announce the release date of tome 3, which will probably be more interesting than the countdown for the whole series ;-)

Tome 2 is all about what clients need, and it covers a ton of interesting subjects that are near and dear to my heart:

That's it for today!

PS: check out my Website, join the Software Crafters community, and come say hi on Twitter!