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Week 19 progress

Sébastien Dubois / March 28, 2021

2 min read

Hey there!

This week, I've continued working on tome 3 (Architecture) and wrote about monoliths and microservices. I'm not done yet, but I hope it'll help more people better understand what each of those is, and what trade-offs are involved. It's a subject that many people misunderstand, and it causes more harm than good. Many people could do with a good ol' monolith, and end up with a half-baked & complex microservice architecture.

I decided to offer a few copies of Tome 1 (Software Craft) for free through Twitter. I did this for two reasons; first I wanted people to reshare the news and get more traction, and it's also a way to get more feedback about the content. I'll see how that plays out.

I've also adapted the Gumroad sales page for the Dev Concept series in order to emphasize the fact that it is a series of 12 e-books instead of a single one.

Unfortunately, still no sales this week either. I still don't know what's wrong with the product and/or the way I present it. I really need to get constructive feedback to understand what's stopping people from buying it. I think that I'll send a mini-survey on Twitter and/or through the mailing list.

I'm also trying to interact more on Twitter, to increase my reach; it's something that I need to be more involved in. I'm < 1K and that is way too low to achieve the kind of engagement that I'm after. I've also received a few invitations for podcasts and interviews, and I'm going to accept. Putting my story out there should also help me gain more visibility & credits :)

That's it for today!

PS: check out my Website, join the Software Crafters community, and come say hi on Twitter!