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Week 12 progress

Dubois Sébastien

Sébastien Dubois /

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Hey there!

This week, I've had a lot of difficulties getting started with writing. I guess that I needed to rest a little. Days are brighter and brighter, so motivation is coming back!

Still, I managed to make good progress. Part 2 (what clients need) is now ~75% done.

This week I wrote a ton about User Experience. I covered the what, the why, the how, UX dimensions/facets, as well as many UX-related concepts like UX research, personas, user paths/scenarios/journeys, user/customer journey mapping, HCI, interaction design, usability/ergonomics, accessibility, information architecture, content strategy, UX/UI design patterns, and A/B testing.

I've added a few visuals here and there (some of which I've published on Twitter to try and gain some traction -- failed attempt :p).

Next up, I'll write about a typical UX workflow/process, design sprints, MVPs, and specifications. Once that is done, part 2 will be completed. Normally I should be able to write those sections next week.

No new pre-orders this week either. Today I'll announce that there are only 20 days left to benefit from the early-bird price. I hope that it'll motivate some people to place their order; we'll see how that goes, but clearly, it's the best price that I'll offer for the book.

I try to engage with more people on Twitter, but I don't dedicate enough time (yet) for that. I really need to expand my audience to be able to reach more people and gain more traction with this project. 850 followers is not bad, but far from enough :)

This week, I got ~25 visits on the landing page, down 28% from last week. So it's even worse than last week. I hope that my next announcements will bring this stat back up :p. I haven't decided yet if I should run a Twitter/FB/LinkedIn ad...

That's it for today!

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