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Week 11 progress

Sébastien Dubois / January 31, 2021

2 min read

Hey there!

This week has been rather calm.

I've made steady progress on part 2 (what clients need). I wrote about requirements (functional, non-functional, the discovery process), user-centered design (user research, jobs to be done, design thinking), and will continue next with user experience.

I've reached 50% of the second chapter, but it took me a bit longer than expected. I wanted to add more details about user-centered design, so the chapter will be heavier than anticipated initially.

There were no new pre-orders this week, even though I've announced the end of the pre-orders at the end of February. I'll try to make a bit more noise about that during the month, to remind it to my audience (assuming some might be interested).

I still have a really hard time reaching interested people; I get near-zero traction for my posts about the book, and very few interactions.

I only got ~40 visits on the landing page, down 55% from last week. It's really bad. I'm thinking about running an ad on Twitter/FB/LinkedIn for a few bucks to see if I can raise more interest in the product.

This is demotivating, but it must mean that I have to adapt my approach. Don't know yet how, though.

Next week, I'll continue working on part 2. I hope that I'll be able to finish it, but I doubt it; I think it'll take me one more week. The UX section is the most important one in the chapter, and I have tons of notes to go through and integrate. We'll see how that goes!

That's it for today!

PS: check out my Website, join the Software Crafters community, and come say hi on Twitter!