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Project start

Sébastien Dubois / November 01, 2020

2 min read

I've decided to commit to this project after thinking about it for quite some time.

What convinced me to start writing about development concepts is the fact that I've been explaining the same things over and over during my one-to-one coaching sessions.

Many people that work in tech have a narrow vision and it is detrimental to the quality of the final products.

For instance, back-end developers don't know all that much about IT infrastructure or front-end (the "layers" below and above), the infrastructure guys don't know much about software development and the things that they keep running, the front-end developers don't know about the back-end stuff, etc.

The same is true about IT security. It's only since quite recently that schools have begun to teach more about the subject. Still, many professionals lack the core knowledge about how to write secure code and how to create secure solutions.

Still, at the end of the day, products are comprised of everything, and everything has to work and be secure. Gaps on any aspect directly impact the product and its end users.

Software, IT & solution architects are usually the ones with the broadest vision, but they sometimes tend to suffer from ivory tower issues, where they "get" the ideas, but don't really understand all that much.

This book intends to help everyone be at least aware of what exists around. It will also help developers who want to broaden their horizons or even become so-called full-stack engineers, or even software crafters.

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