Don't feel overwhelmed by Software Development and IT anymore. This e-book collection clearly explains:

  • Full Stack: Back-end, Front-end & APIs
  • Coding basics, code quality & maintenance
  • Security, Operating Systems, Infrastructure
  • Analysis, Architecture, Design
  • Project/Product/Team management

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The release date of the whole series is set to December 20 2021.

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Learn all the software development concepts, practices and attention points in no time.

Sébastien Dubois

About the author

Hey everyone! I'm Sébastien Dubois, the founder of DeveloPassion, a software development company located in Belgium. You can find me on Twitter and my Website. I've been working for 15 years in the IT industry and, since day one, I have always been passionate about IT and software development.

I've used various programming languages over the years (JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Java, Python, C#, C, Bash, PowerShell, etc), wrote a book about the TypeScript programming language, led development teams, managed large software development & infrastructure projects.

I want to share my passion, and I'm convinced that through this project, I'll be able to reach and help many more people, maybe even you? Pre-order the series right now, and be amongst my first readers!